Who Are Your Friends?

Our teacher asked us to make a speech for our English B Class. It could be about anything we like and at firs I thought about food or volleyball or school stuff but then I settled with my friends. So here how it goes: (This is the original)

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

            Friends. They are the people you share everything with. Your stories, your problems, your food, you even share the dislike you feel towards other people. You treat them nicely but sometimes you tease them too. Friends are the people you feel comfortable with because they know everything about you.

            Who are my friends? My friends are the people I eat with during lunch. My friends are the people I chat with during class. My friends are these crazy people who are listening to me now (If they are even listening). My friends are the reason I am enjoying high school now. Why? Because they make everyday easier by just being by my side. That’s what friends do, right? They make everything easier. They make you laugh with their dumb jokes. They make you giggle with their silly expressions. They push you towards your crush but instead of getting mad, you thank them anyway. Because that’s just what friends do.

           But friends don’t only stay during the good times. They also share your sadness, pain and the BV (bad vibes). They are beside you when you feel down, lost or even when you’re just not in the mood. Or when you’re in your red days. They ask why your face is crumpled when you’re upset about something. They lend you a hand whenever you need one. They give you hope when everything else feels wrong. Friends are what keep you going when you feel like stopping. Friends are what motivate you when everything else sucks and most importantly, they don’t let you do crazy things… alone.

            So who are your friends? Are they the one sitting beside you? Because if they are, then you’re probably denying it now for how crazy they must be. But crazy or not, you still love them anyway.


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